Noah Miller Brands - BEST Talks Logo
Project Overview
BEST Talks is a series of talks put on each semester at Houghton College for the students to learn from and network with professionals in their fields of interest.
My Contributions
I led the rebranding effort to turn what used to be Guest Professional Dinners into BEST Talks (Business, Education, Science, and Technology). For this project, I came up with the new name, developed the marketing strategy, and designed the logo along with all of the promotional materials.

"He is timely, thoughtful, accurate, and hard-working...the kind of student whom Houghton College would be proud of. I am confident that Noah can serve clients well and will do great things throughout his career!"
-Karl Sisson

"Noah has truly been an amazing benefit to this project with his knowledge of business, marketing, and his graphic design abilities."
-Joseph Gross

Houghton College had been putting on talks each semester for students to hear from and learn from professionals in their fields. These talks went by the name, "Guest Professional Dinners." In January of 2020, Houghton decided it was time to rebrand the talks. I was called upon for help in the rebranding efforts because I had started a design agency on campus the year prior and usually attended the Guest Professional Dinners.

I came up with the name, BEST Talks (Business. Education. Science. Technology.) and created a visual identity for the talks. I was then asked to come up with a marketing plan and to create the promotional materials. At the beginning of the semester we were mostly using print ads on campus. Halfway through that semester, COVID-19 hit and we were all sent home. The BEST Talks went virtual and we had to adapt our strategy to use only social media to get the word out. The BEST Talks are still running virtually and I continue to create the ads for each talk even though I graduated in the spring of 2020.
Noah Miller Brands - BEST Talks Ad - PosterNoah Miller Brands - BEST Talks Ad - PosterNoah Miller Brands - BEST Talks AdNoah Miller Brands - BEST Talks Ad