Branding Process

Brand Check-up

Whether your business is brand spankin' new or has been around for years and needs a refresh, I'll always start out with a brand "check-up" or audit. The goal of the brand check-up is to understand your company goals and the current state of your brand.

Establish Target Market

Every business has a target market, some more niche than others. Brands should be built to appeal to their target market. In this step, I'll work with you to nail down your target market and develop customer personas to give direction for targeted advertising as well as the next step in the branding process.

Brand Personality

The personality of your brand is how it would act and sound if it were a person. This includes your brand voice, core values, and attitude.

Brand Design

In most cases, your visual identity is the first impression that your company makes on potential customers and you want it to be a memorable first impression. Your visual identity consists of not only your logo, but your fonts, color scheme, and design elements and style.

Services & Pricing

Brand Consulting

Starting at $1000

Packages & PricingWhat is Brand Consulting?
Web Design

Starting at $800

Packages & PricingWhat is Web Design?
Graphic Design

Starting at $35 per hour

Packages & PricingWhat is Graphic Design?


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